Hello, I am Lady With Wanderlust!

I confess - My name is Robin Lee and I have a serious travel addiction.

This is my life - I am owning it and I am living it to the fullest!


Actually, I am a bit of a late bloomer in the grand travel world. Although I have lived all over the USA, I didn't begin full world exploration until into my 4th decade of life - I am now into my 5th!  My bucket list is 1-Million miles long and I am making a serious dent, telling the tales and sharing my experiences of the people, places, food and of course wine!  

I am an Italy & Wine lover so be prepared to have many amazingly beautiful Italian adventures pleasantly shoved in your face!  I have a major love affair going with Solo Travel (sorry men) - there is almost nothing more soul satisfying than roaming the globe with a passionate and ecstatic sense of freedom.  For the past 16 years I have been blessed to be a single mom to a now 19 year old rockstar of a young man. He is now an official United States Air Force Airman (#proudmamamoment) so I am a true, full-time empty-nester.  Hence my upcoming Missions -


1. Buy and Reno a travel trailer to trot the USA coast to coast

2. Hike and Glamp all over the Southwestern & Northwestern USA

3. Climb the Eiffel Tower in Paris and drink wine in the French countryside

4. Satisfy my castle and Outlander obssession in Scotland

5. Hike the Via Francigena (at least through Italy)

6. Cruise the Greek Islands and visit Turkey

7. AND more! Stay Tuned...



For Collaborations & Promotions: email me at LadyWithWanderlust@gmail.com - Let's Chat!

Robin Lee Simmons

the Lady With Wanderlust

#TravelAddict #GlobeTrotter #ItalyLover #SoloTraveler #Hiker #Glamper #Writer #Photographer #TravelCoordinator, #AdventureNut #WineAddict, #BlessedMama and on a mission to live the #RVLife!

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